Building Life-Long Relationships

altALTEC recognizes that all people deserve to be treated with respect and thrive best when they participate and are embraced by their community. In designing day services and employment options for individuals with disabilities, we will strive to create opportunities in services and supports that will offer consumers choices to enhance their involvement in their community, increase their independence, and improve the quality of their lives.


  • "I like to support my friends who need help and assistance wherever and whenever I’m asked." - Doug F.
  • "I like coming to ALTEC because I have a lot of friends here and I like to work with the caring and supportive staff." - Kay M.
  • "I like doing the maintenance jobs that are offered to me, trash, cafeteria, sweeping, cardboard breakdown, and conference room set-up." - Bob L.
  • "I like to volunteer at the Keystone Opportunity Center helping make the grocery bags, which I've been doing since 1998." - Michael D.
  • "I like coming to ALTEC for the Educational Enrichment Program, and I get to learn something new every day." - Colette N.
  • "I like coming to ALTEC because it is my whole life, the work, the staff and my friends." - Beth M.