Employment Support

ALTEC strives to provide employers and businesses with 100% satisfaction in the hiring, training and job performance of the individuals we support. The employer’s goal and mission is of top priority to ALTEC Employment Specialists.

Employment Steps:

Community Based Work Assessments

This assessment is designed to determine an individual’s readiness for competitive employment in real life situations in local businesses.  This is also an opportunity to try out several types of work and make informed employment decisions based on skills, working environment, and individual preferences.

Job Development

ALTEC’s Employment Service team helps individuals to find the right job by offering support in all areas of Job Finding such as: resume development, interview practice, and using several resources to locate hiring employers in the community.

Intensive Training

Once the right job is secured, a trained, professional Employment Specialist will accompany an individual to the job and assist in learning new duties.  We will work right along side the new employee until independence is gained.  Individuals are allowed to learn at their own pace, and employers enjoy a reduction in training cost.

Fading and Follow-Along

When an individual is independent at their place of employment, a fading plan is developed and implemented. The Employment Specialist begins to spend less and less time working with the individual during their shifts. Natural supports are secured and eventually the individual is visited to ensure placement longevity.

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